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I thought I ordered the Happy Meal!

I thought I ordered the Happy Meal!

I saw this quote printed on a card in my local bookstore and it made me laugh, mainly because it is so shockingly true.

It’s not uncommon to grow up thinking the best way is the happy way, and that there will be a “happy ever after” once you get to a certain undetermined point in the future. However, my personal experience and my general observations of life can now inform me that it is not true.

There is no fixed point, no definite destination or a particular age that gets you there and there is rarely a “happy ever after” without a lot of hard work here and now.

The way we raise our children, especially girls, to believe that there might be a hero or Prince Charming coming over the horizon of their lives and providing and producing the “happy ever after ” is simply a fantasy. Furthermore, all the money and time spent at Disney World promoting happy endings and fairy tales makes me believe there might be an awful lot of princesses in ordinary houses, living ordinary lives believing they have been sold short and feeling disappointed.

I believe I was very fortunate to have a mother and father that raised me somewhat differently. My father sent me feminist magazines and bought me Simone de Beauvoir books. He said he didn’t care what I did as a job or career so long as it paid enough for me to support myself and any child I might have, sustainably and if needed as a single parent; very good advice.

Even with this realism, I have to confess that during my life there have still been a few times when I thought that being happy was my answer and if not that at least the avoidance of pain would be better.

I don’t like pain. My personality is designed to sidestep it and I was very successful in my early years to do just that. However, I soon discovered it’s simply not realistic, pain is unavoidable but how you deal with it is not.

There have been a few clear moments therefore when I chose to embrace the pain, just like grabbing hold of a crown of thorns knowing there will be blood and tears but doing it anyway.

Sometimes the “Happy Meal ” no matter how bright and shiny it looks, with the fun distracting toy in the bag is not the healthy option.

Sometimes just choosing the other meal, the one that will keep you satisfied for longer is the right choice.

Sometimes recognizing where our need for being happy comes from helps too.

One day when Mike and had been married just a few weeks, he found me crying and moaning to God about something. At that moment, he looked me straight in the face and said: “Why do you think you have a right to be happy?” It was the best gift he ever could have given me. I believe at that moment he spoke heart burning truth to me.

I have spent the last 35 years trying to wrestle that answer to the ground but the pain and the sadness that I have embraced have been so good and glorious if viewed through the lens of eternity and faith. Although we think we ordered the Happy Meal, what God promises is so much more than the fleeting fantasy we peer into the McDonald’s box hoping to find. If we can look up and around we can realize it is just an illusion created out of our brokenness and dreams.

Happy is not what is promised but we can choose joy even when it’s hard. We can choose to look with a long perspective on life, not a quick fix and then find a way of understanding God’s grace and mercy in it all.

Even there is no way of ordering a “Happy Meal” either for yourself or those you love, talking about the realities of life and how God meets us in that place is probably better preparation for us all.

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