3DM Publishing started approximately 9 years ago when the Movement began to grow rapidly. We realized we needed to resource leaders and their people with training materials and tools that they would need to see real and lasting change in their communities.


Our History

Many of the tools you'll see in our books had been previously published in books such as “The Passionate Church” (2004) and “The Passionate Life” (2005) but we felt lead to update the books and their content to make it more applicable to everyday life.

Many of you have followed this process and supported us along this journey, and we are grateful for that support and encouragement. We have grown our catalog steadily over several years in response to what the movement needed. As of summer 2017 we have over 20 titles available and have plans to release at least 10 more over the course of the next 2 years.

We wanted to start creating space to produce some practical resources that the everyday person can use and implement in family life. We have started that process with “Family on Mission” and its accompanying discussion guide, and are excited that the second edition is due out this Fall.


Our Team

Gavin and Libby Culmer lead the 3DM Publishing team. They have been working with 3DM's content since the very beginning and even used to pack and ship the book right out of their small apartment in Oklahoma City, OK. 

We are now based in Greenville, SC and have a small and dedicated team. We have also been blessed to be able to start working with writers from within the Movement, and have published works from many differnt authors so please check out our Author page for bios and info on the projects we have, or are working on.

Finally, explore our site, store, and blog and and if you have a book you would like us to consider publishing just send Libby an email libby@3dmpublishing.com.

We cant wait to hear from you!


The 3DM Publishing Team

  • Family On Mission Discussion Guide
  • Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide
  • Pig & Sheep
  • Gods Big Adventure
  • My Sheep Have Ears
  • Disciple Maker
  • Tools For Life
  • Choosing To Learn From Life
  • Living in Rhythm With Life
  • Missional Community Leader Guide
  • Building A Discipling Culture
  • Multiplying Missional Leaders
  • Leading Missional Communities
  • Leading Kingdom Movements
  • Covenant & Kingdom
  • Family On Mission
  • Huddle Leader Guide
  • Huddle Participant Guide
  • Empowering Missional Disciples
  • A Jesus Shaped Life
  • I Have A Good Life