Prophecy Leader Guide

Prophecy Leader Guide

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The Bible tells us to eagerly desire prophecy and The Prophecy Course is designed to give every participant the confidence to hear God for themselves and effectively engage with the gift of prophecy. The course gives participants a solid, biblical foundation for their understanding of the prophetic, and the confidence to step out and use the gift of prophecy practically.

The Prophecy Course has been run successfully in many churches around the world and is an excellent tool for helping churches engage with, and grow in, prophetic gifts in a safe and biblically founded way.

The Prophecy Course is an 8-session course that is usually taken over a period of 8 weeks. Each session consists of four elements: Teaching; Group Discussion; ‘Activation’ exercises; Homework. The four elements mean that participants gets the chance to process what they are learning with each other, reflect on it, practice with each other, and also take what they have learnt home with them and apply in their own lives. 

The Prophecy Course resource pack is made up of videos with recordings of the 8 teaching sessions, a course leader’s book and pupil workbooks. The topics covered on the course are: Understanding Prophecy; Tuning In - Learning to Hear God’s voice; The Holy Spirit; Values; Growing in the Prophetic; Guidelines and Good Practice; Weighing Prophecies; Responding to the Prophetic; Prophetic Ministry.