Small Church on a Big Mission

Small Church on a Big Mission


This book is a journal of discovery sharing practical principles of discipleship and mission personally applied as a disciple and leader within a small church on a Big Mission. 

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Megachurches get the headlines, but the reality is that the overwhelming majority of churches are small. These smaller churches are just as committed to God’s overarching mission as any big church is. In fact, in many ways they are uniquely qualified to do so. 

The leaders of these churches need a resource that understands their real-world context. Now, thanks to Jeff Allen, a Colorado pastor, they have one. 

Instead of extolling the latest church growth fads, Allen focuses on what’s truly important—developing a fruitful culture of discipleship and mission in your particular church, no matter its size. Inside, you’ll find practical tips on everything from the pastor’s focus to church polity. 

In this much-needed resource, Allen connects church leaders and church members to the bigness of God’s mission in the world, and encourages them toward partnering with God and others in ways they can actually put into practice.